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Bb Fleugalhorn

Conceptualized in 1993 over a cup of coffee in S. Carolina, ABBA was formalized in 1994 with its original documents and non-profit stance.

The first newsletter (hard copy) was mailed out from Portland Oregon in Autumn 1995. The Shepherd's Crook Newsletter has come out two or three times a year since.

Hardcopies of the Newsletter are no longer availible. The Newsletter has been  online since the Spring of 2000.

Many changes have been made to our stance in the Brass Band world, as we have been an organization that allows service, has no dues or fees, and serves as a resource and referral center for new and reforming bands.

We will continue to evolve as needs change, and we will attempt always to serve Brass Bands to the best of our ability.

Eb Soprano Cornet